4rd Sunday after Pentecost. Sunday of All Saints of Rus’-Ukraine

Posted on July 1, 2017

Troparion, Tone 4: O you, who glorified Christ:* princes and bishops,* monastics and martyrs,* and steadfast confessors of Christian Ukraine throughout all times,*pray Christ God to look with favour on our people* and to grant them the grace to persevere in the faith* that the souls of prayerful faithful* who revere your sacred memory* may be saved.

Bulletin July 1-7

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June 29, 2017. Holy, Glorious, All-Praiseworthy and Chief Apostles, Peter and Paul

“Today on the Solemnity of Saints Peter and Paul it is good to remember that God will accomplish His ends with people who are imperfect.

Too many times, we make excuses as to why we cannot serve, be it lay or clergy roles, because of our imperfections and fear of failing. We will mask it with “I am too busy.”

Consider, though, that God calls a man who was in the process of persecuting the early Church to be His Apostle to the Gentiles. We know Jesus is aware of this in that He asks St. Paul why he is persecuting Him? Yet, the Holy Spirit transforms the misplaced zeal of Saul and changes it into the zeal of Paul.

Consider that Jesus places as the head of His Church a man who who caved into fear, could be impetuous, and denied even knowing Him. Yet, by the grace of the Holy Spirit, he transforms Simon bar Jonah into the Peter the Rock.

In salvation history takes imperfect individuals and molds them into saints. He takes them when they’re ‘too young’ (Jeremiah, Mary, David) or ‘too old’ (Abraham, Sarah, Elizabeth). He takes people with a past on a regular basis. God is well aware of the limitations, capabilities, and pasts of those He calls.

By virtue of our baptism, we are called to serve and build up the Body of Christ, the Church. God is not looking for our success, He is looking for our obedience. Excuses are hiding places for those who do not trust in God’s goodness. WE are called to and graced with better (especially through the Sacramental life of the Church), let us muster the courage and faith necessary and pursue the path of service and holiness we are called to live.”

~Father Bill Peckman