Fifth Sunday of the Great Fast – St.Mary of Egypt.

Posted on April 2, 2020

Sat March 28 4:00 PM +Irene Doroszczuk – family Doroszczuk
Sun March 29 9:00 AM Blessing and protection all parishioners
Wed April 01 Moleben during an epidemic and a deadly illness
Thu April 02 Moleben during an epidemic and a deadly illness
Fri April 03 Holy Cross.Presanctified Liturgy. Sorokousty
Sat April 04 4:00 PM +Virginia Makar – Michell & Michael Michalow

PRAYERS are requested for those who are sick: Helen Evanisko, Helen Dziedzina, Martha Terpak, Mary Metelski,Monica Bierman, Evelyn Moreno and for all our parishioners.

EMERGENCIES and PASTORAL CARE: Emergency sick calls can be made to the rectory at any time. For others who are home bound or hospitalized, please notify the rectory office .

The Eternal Light (red light) for the month of April burns for memory of + Tekla Jurkiv – requested by Mary Culp.

According to the Ukrainian Catholic Hierarchy in America, the Sunday Liturgy will be celebrated without our faithful. This is to protect are parishioners during this time when we are trying to protect ourselves from the virus. Parishioners can participate in the Holy Sacraments by asking the priest in advance. We are being cautious and request that all parishioners maintain a safe distance between themselves and others (6 feet). When receiving the sacrament of the Holy Eucharist during your church visitation, you can receive the Holy Eucharist the traditional way or you can request to just receive the Body of Christ. Please let Father know your preference.
Confessions will be heard on an appointment basis since arrangements have to made to have the confession in an open space rather than a confessional.
Please read the message from our Bishops and follow the recommendation . If you are ill please do not come to church. We will remember you in our prayers. I also would like to ask our parishioners to pray at 9: 00 PM each day for the health and welfare of all our parishioners and friends so that God protects us from the virus. Rev.Andriy

Thank you our parishioners who continue support our parishes in this difficult time. Many of you can’t come to church. A special thank you to our parishioners who continue to support our church and send your donation by mail or contribute in Church. May God Bless You and your family and Our Mother of Perpetual Help protect you during this time and forever and ever. Fr.Andriy and other priests continue to pray for all our parishioners especially for good health during this difficult time.